New server website! –

There will be no more posts on this website!

The website has been moved to

When you get onto the website close the banner at the top. This website has had a good amount of time put into it and has an extremely good donate tab now!

This website has a scheduled website close down for the 1st of January!



Notice Tuesday #1

Hey guys just a list of notices for you.
1) Server name is changing to Holcombe Server #1 on Saturday 24th Nov 2012
2) Test subject server is starting on Sunday 25th 2012 ( Holcombe Server #2 *Test Subject Server) *WHITELIST* 3) Server upgrade ‘again’ due to bad errors making the server crash. 4) Gaming YouTube channel starting December 27th
Thanks for reading notice Wednesday! Lewis

New notice Wednesday setup.

Hey guys. I’m starting a notice Wednesday where we will go through the whole weeks notices. Some will be early e.g. 12.01 am and some will be later e.g. 11.59pm. The important updates will be posted ASAP.
Cheers Lewis


Epic Craft players. I’m sorry. There’s more technical difficulties with the server. haven’t released 1.4.4 Beta yet
The server keeps crashing
The server keeps rolling back
I’m sorry for all of this and I assure you this will be fixed by Sunday the 18th of November. I have contacted the host demanding a new CPU and more memory. Thanks Lewis

1.4.2 – 1.4.4

There will be a server update automatically scheduled for 11pm GMT +0 Europe. This will be taking us from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4
Thanks Lewis

Server is up

Cheers for you all keeping updated on the website. Happy to say the server is now up again! This is due to us over loading the RAMDISK! So try not to explore thousands and thousands of miles of the map. And anyone who abuses the /calladmin will get banned Thanks Lewis

Another Server Crash

Sorry for this unexpected server crash. This is due to a faulty computer my host is hosting the server on. We will be back tomorrow where they are getting there new shipment in. We will be getting 3x the usual speed and now 32 slots. FREE for 1 month due to this. After that it goes back to normal price but we keep the new server/computer. – Sorry Lewis