How To Donate

Hello people of Epic Craft. If your wanting to help the server, keep it going and improve it and you want to donate then click this link below.
Remember this is in dollars so use a conversation chart. Just type “gbp to usd” to find out!
If your going to donate your going to get something in return! Here’s a list of what.
$2.50 – God Mode
$5.00 – Game Mode
$7.50 – Moderator
$10.00 – Moderator + Game Mode (Special Offer)
$15.00 – Moderator + Game Mode + God Mode + Name Change (Special Offer)
$20.00 – Admin
$25.00 – Admin + Game Mode + God Mode (Special Offer)
$50.00 – All of the above + Special Dynamap Access + Console Access to see all commands and messages being said.


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