Server Crash

We have just had a server crash. This problem will be sorted shortly. Regards Lewis


New Co-Owner!

I would like to welcome our new Co-Owner Han!
Han has being here or a long time and helped me out a lot. I know everyone else but Han goes the extra mile with always keeping update with the website and always emailing me.
Hope no one has any rejections to this and if they do. Sorry 😉
Han also has privileges to post on this website but not edit so after every post we are going to put our names e.g. Blahhblahhblahh Lewis! Thanks guys Lewis.

9 November, 2012 15:09

Hello guys!
We are having some minor technical difficulties with the server and it seems to be down. This won’t last long! Thanks Lewis

New Epic Craft

Welcome to the new Epic-Craft website! Yes we have reset the map but we are running the 1.4.2 bukkit with new updated plugins! Want to see what they are? Go to the plugins tab.